Social Distancing & Hygiene 


We have strict Social Distancing and Hygiene requirements in place.


  • Communications with Clients

We try not to see clients face-to-face and to communicate with them via email, telephone, or video conferencing. 



  • Clinically Vulnerable People

We do not arrange face-to-face meeting with (exteremely) clinically vulnerable people, including people aged 70 or over, or people with underlying health conditions.


  • Appointments

We do not see clients without appointments. If you do have an appointment, please be on time. We cannot let you in if you are too early (more than 15 minutes). We cannot see you if you are too late (more than 15 minutes). 


  • Company 

Please do not bring any company with you. No friends or family member. 


  • While in the office, please 
    • keep 2 metre apart with others
    • wash your hands on arrival and departure
    • use hand sanitisers to diinfect your hands
    • do not touch your face 
    • do not share pens or other office supplies 
    • do not use the lift  


  • Methods of payment in order of our preference: 
  1. Electronic bank transfer 
  2. Over the phone 
  3. Debit/Credit card in the office 
  4. Cash (If you pay in cash, we will not be able to count your money. We receive and pass it to the bank. If it's short, you will be responsible.)
  • Interpreters

It is our preference no to use face-to-face interpreters during this pandemic. We will try to use an interpreter over the phone or via video conferencing. 

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